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Also through the Conscientious Objection in Lewisham 1916 - 1919 Project using the Pearce Register of British Conscientious Objectors as the basis for her research and in collaboration with the Peace Pledge Union one of our volunteers (Ann O'Brien) looks at Conscientious Objectors in the present London Borough of Lewisham Area.
Sinking of the Lusitania

There are also other sites we have created that covered topics such as the local War Memorials, Air Raids and there is a Book of Remembrance for you to add you local relative to.

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For information on some of the Battles of the First World War where Local Lewisham Residents died or served.

Lewisham Area in 1916

Spanish Flu Pandemic

Local First World War Air Raids

First World War Resources at Local History and Archives Centre

Featured Article: Mobilisation of the 20th Battalion County of London Regiment

Stationed at Abbey Wood

The 20th Battalion County of London Regiment, some six hundred strong, under the commend of Lieut- Colonel H A Christmas, marched from the headquarters at Holly Hedge House, Blackheath on Wednesday evening to the barracks at Abbey Wood. Here, where they relieved the Scots Guards, they will remain for some few days, and subsequently will it is expected take up duties near the coast.
The battalion had on Saturday proceeded to Salisbury Plain for the annual training, and were at Perham Downs, which they reached on Sunday. During the night they received the order to return to headquarters, which were reached early in the morning and the men went back to their civilian dirties pending the expected order for mobilisation. This when it came on Tuesday evening, was promptly responded to. many of the men slept at headquarters that night, and at half past seven, with everything in order, the battalion set out as stated, being followed at midnight by details. The brigade officers expressed great satisfaction with their smartness, the performance having been the best in the brigade, and probably in the whole of London, the battalion being the first to move into its real area, where they have most responsible duties to perform.

Kentish Mercury 7 August 1914
Mobilisation of the 20th Battalion County of London Regiment

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