Army Service Corps Re-Organisation

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The New Year [1917] also brought a further change in ASC organisation at Grove Park. Although strenuous endeavours had been made to organise the depot on a sound footing, it had become apparent towards the end of 1916, that it was far too unwieldy to admit of a really efficient control by one officer. After Go. Wright’s death in 1916, the depot was under the command of Major J B Peyton for a brief period. CoI. R 0 Burne subsequently assumed command as a preliminary to his appointment as Assistant Director of Transport which took place in 1916. From 1 January 1917 each of Grove Park’s sub-depots reported direct to the new Assistant Director of Transport whose staff consisted of Major P A Arden as Deputy and who earlier as Adjutant at Grove Park had had a propensity to fold cars round lamp posts, one Warrant Officer and three clerks. The personnel at the sub-depots remained on the strength of No.1 Reserve M.T. Depot.

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