Deptford Mayor's Speech

On rejoining the 20th London Captain W F Marchant, Mayor of Deptford took over running Holly Hedge House, Blackheath. The headquarters of the Regiment with Captain Theodore Prestige, Deptford's representative on the LCC.

At this time he made the following speech
"Men of Deptford! The Army is mobilised The Mayor is enrolling recruits for your local Territorial Battalion at Holly Hedge House, Blackheath. England expects that every man will do his duty. God save the King."

They also made a joint appeal with the news that the 20th had already been mobilised and gone to its war station to the men of New Cross, Brockley, St John's and Deptford for recruits asking that smart young men apply at Holly Hedge House.
/ /"What we want"// said Captain Prestige to a representative of the Kentish Mercury on Wednesday night. "Is young men of the type who need to belong to the old 2nd West Kent Volunteers, and we hope thaty numbers of such will answer our appeal."

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