Letter from Sarah Cahill to Miss Rinder

Typed Copy of a typed letter from Sarah Cahill, Secretary, Dulwich No-Conscription Fellowship to Miss Rinder, No-conscription Fellowship copied By Permission of Cumbria County Council Archive' Service ref:DMAR/4/97


From Mrs. Cahill, 60 Limes Grove, Lewisham, S.E.13

dated 26th August 1917.


I have just received a letter from one of our members, A.E. Allen, who is in Exeter Prison, serving his third sentence, and in the course of his letter the following occurs, which is very alarming as this man was a very big and strong man.

"so now in conclusion I will just add that after 15, months in prison my spirit is just the same, but my body seems to be getting more weak every day. Sometimes I feel quite silly and my legs are hardly able to carry my body and fell quite rheymaticy and I put it down to the unnatural life I have been leading so long, but the M.O. says I am slightly anaemic, and I thinking myself as strong as a horse, have taken to feeling faint now and then and suffering from a complaint that I thought only poor little general servant girls had"

Will you please let me know whether you can do anything in this matter as it certainly seems to me that the matter should be looked into.

Others of our men who have been in Exeter and come out complain very much of the poor quality and quantity of food.

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