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[http://lewishamfww.wikidot.com/featured:27 Featured article #27: Anti-German feeling in Deptford

Violent scenes were witnessed in Deptford on Saturday night 17th October 1914, when a mob of men and women attacked a dozen shops occupied by Germans, wrecking several of them. This also could be seen at the same time on a smaller scale in Southwark and Camberwell. At 10 the crowd threw bricks at the shop windows of a pork butcher in Deptford High Street, then forced their way in, scattering the contents on the shop floor]

18 Oct 2014 14:05

[http://lewishamfww.wikidot.com/featured:26 Featured article #26: War Notes and News

Private W. J. Woodman, of No.1 Company, 3rd Battalion Coldstream Guards, writing to his mother at 195, Algernon Road, Lewisham, from the front, on April 9th, says: “I hope by the time you receive this that we shall have had a go at the Huns. Our bombs are causing some terrible havoc amongst them. The other day, when we were only 55 yards distant, we threw some rifle grenades at them, which made them dodge up a communication trench, on which we shortly afterwards fired, three trench mortar bombs and three on the firing-line. We caught them in a trap, and, my word, you should have heard the pretty names they called us. For every one they fire we usually fire three; that seems the only way to keep them quiet. The weather this month has been very wet… Food is about the same; the only fault is that we do not get enough bread. In front of us, there is a line of dead Germans, and every time we fire a rifle the bullet usually goes through these poor men. Last Thursday the Germans gave us a musical evening, and we enjoyed it, as they sang very well. The Irish Guards returned the compliment on Good Friday by singing some Irish songs. On Easter Monday we were in the trenches again, and we had steak and potatoes, which we usually have in this section. I have just received your hot cross buns – a week late.”

Kentish Mercury, April 23 1915]

17 Apr 2014 14:32

[http://lewishamfww.wikidot.com/featured:25 Featured article #25: Letters from the Front, ‘A German from Catford'

In the course of a letter published in the ‘Daily Telegraph’ yesterday from a member of the Queen’s Westminsters serving at the front, the writer says: “On Christmas Eve the Germans lit fires in the trenches and sang carols nearly all night. Of course, we did the same. We shouted over, ‘Won’t you come half-way and meet us and shake hands.’ So they said, ‘Yes’. So we downed all arms and I went over with —- and met four of them (they weren't taking any risks), and we had a chat, exchanged cigarettes for toffee and sweets, etc. One of them told me he was an officer, and had lived at Catford, so we got quite pally. One Christmas Day we were all out in the daylight, chatting and speaking to each other half-way between the two lines of trenches, but no one was allowed to go further either side. I smoked German cigars all day and ate German chocolate all night on guard, so I didn't do so badly.”

Kentish Mercury, Jan 1 1915]

17 Apr 2014 14:30

[http://lewishamfww.wikidot.com/featured:24 Featured article #24: Food Prices in Lewisham

With the outbreak of war food prices have shewn an inclination to jump upwards through out the week.

Lewisham and Lee bakers advanced the price of quartern loaves from 5 1/2d to 6d on Tuesday, with further price rises likely. This was justified as the cost of flour rose from 26s to 35s and 36s on Tuesday. The price of a half peck of flour was 11d on Friday, Saturday 1s and Wednesday 1s 1d. Mr G Clark, grocer said on Wednesday "flour, sugar, tinned goods, tea, Cocoa and biscuits were being bought heavily".

On Wednesday a sugar loaf had doubled in price from Friday and Mr Clark was informed that the wholesaler was unable to supply sugar. A shop in Lee was sold out of tea, sugar and butter and would remain closed until further supplies were received.

Lewisham Borough news 7 August 1914]

14 Apr 2014 15:31

[http://lewishamfww.wikidot.com/featured:23 Featured article #23: From Paris to London

A Lee Gentleman's Experience. Leaving his home last week for a visit to Paris. Mr A E Castle of 47 Effingham Road, Lee arrived back on Monday, after some interesting experiences in and near the French capital and a some what exciting journey back.

For more see From Paris to London the full story

Lewisham Borough News 7 August 1914]

14 Apr 2014 14:47

[http://lewishamfww.wikidot.com/featured:22 Featured article #22: Lewisham Post Office

Lewisham High Street branch post office was kept open all night on Tuesday for "Telegrams, telephones, Reservists and money orders." With numerous depositors making withdrawls, the post offices have been scenes of great activity.On Sunday when the order for the mobilisation of the Fleet Reserve was issued, the post offices were opened, notices were promptly served, and before midnight large numbers of men left to join their ships.

Lewisham Borough News 7 August 1914]

14 Apr 2014 14:42

[http://lewishamfww.wikidot.com/featured:21 Featured article #21: Boys march in Lewisham

A group of seven to ten boys ages corresponding to those figures wearing paper hats and carrying Union Jack, marched up and Down Lewisham High Street and Rushey Green singing "God Save the King" on Tuesday evening. Each boy carried a tin, and made it rattle with the few coppers he had managed to collect.

Lewisham Borough News 7 August 1914]

14 Apr 2014 14:36

[http://lewishamfww.wikidot.com/featured:20 Featured article #20: Sir Ernest Shackleton Leaves on his Antarctic Expedition

On Wednesday morning his Majesty sent for Sir Ernest Shakleton MVO commander of the British Antarctic Expedition and the son of Dr Shakleton of Sydenham and bode him farewell and God speed. The King presented him with a Union Jack, which is to be handed back to his Majesty on the return of the expedition.

Kentish Mercury 7 August 1914]

12 Apr 2014 13:27

[http://lewishamfww.wikidot.com/featured:19 Featured article #19: South Metropolitan Gas Company

They will keep open the places of Navy, Army Reservists, Ambulance Brigade men, Territorials and accepted volunteers during absence on public service, such absence to count in all respects as continuous service with the company. During the Boer War the wives and children left behind received weekly allowances provided by the company and the employees, and provision was made for widows and orphans. The company will do its share in like manner under the present circumstances. About 600 employees of the company, Reservists and others joined the colours.

Kentish Mercury 7 August 1914]

12 Apr 2014 13:21

[http://lewishamfww.wikidot.com/featured:18 Featured article #18: Deptford Tradesman

A tradesman in High Street Deptford whose name suggests a foreign origin is displaying a notice in his window to the effect that he is a British Subject and a native of Deptford.

Kentish Mercury 7 August 1914]

12 Apr 2014 11:47

[http://lewishamfww.wikidot.com/featured:17 Featured article #17: Mr Alfred Back in Austria.

A fortnight since Mr Alfred Back, the indefatigable hon. secretary of the Forest Hill and Sydenham Charitable Fete, left for Austria, and the absence of news is a great anixety to his friends. So far as the fete is concerned no difficulty will be found, as the routine work was left ready for the attention which Mrs Back and members of the committee could and have given.

Kentish Mercury 7 August 1914]

12 Apr 2014 11:40

[http://lewishamfww.wikidot.com/featured:16 Featured article #16: Lee Sewer Tragedy

Progress of the Relief Fund.

Announcing the amount raised so far for Mrs Kingston of Gleview Road, Hither Green, wife of the man who lost his life in the Lee Sewer Tragedy. Leaving her in delicate health and with 10 dependent children.

Kentish Mercury 7 August 1914

See For more on this family]

12 Apr 2014 11:30

[http://lewishamfww.wikidot.com/featured:15 Featured article #15: Deptford Mayor's Speech

On rejoining the 20th London Captain W F Marchant, Mayor of Deptford took over running Holly Hedge House, Blackheath. The headquarters of the Regiment with Captain Theodore Prestige, Deptford's representative on the LCC.

At this time he made the following speech
"Men of Deptford! The Army is mobilised The Mayor is enrolling recruits for your local Territorial Battalion at Holly Hedge House, Blackheath. England expects that every man will do his duty. God save the King."

They also made a joint appeal with the news that the 20th had already been mobilised and gone to its war station to the men of New Cross, Brockley, St John's and Deptford for recruits asking that smart young men apply at Holly Hedge House.
/ /"What we want"// said Captain Prestige to a representative of the Kentish Mercury on Wednesday night. "Is young men of the type who need to belong to the old 2nd West Kent Volunteers, and we hope thaty numbers of such will answer our appeal."

Kentish Mercury 7 August 1914]

12 Apr 2014 11:10

[http://lewishamfww.wikidot.com/featured:14 Featured article #14: 20th London At Mobilization

Commanding Officer Lieut Colonel H A Christmas
Major Ashburton Pownall
Captain and Adjutant E H Munro
Captain E Fitzgerald
Captain F C Bentley
Captain J O Cook
Captain G J E Edwards
Captain C R Hefford
Captain B L Hooper
Captain E Ball
Captain A H Franklin
Captain G R Matthews (RAMC)
Lieut W F Dyer
Lieut J J Bell
Lieut H Honeybone
Lieut G Williams
2nd Lieut P Stanger
2nd Lieut C M Fry

Captain W F Marchant (Mayor of Deptford) and Captain Theodore Prestige (Deptford representative on LCC) rejoined the Regiment, but remained to run Holly Hedge House.

Kentish Mercury 7 August 1914]

12 Apr 2014 11:05

[http://lewishamfww.wikidot.com/featured:13 Featured article #13: Mobilisation of the 20th Battalion County of London Regiment

Stationed at Abbey Wood

The 20th Battalion County of London Regiment, some six hundred strong, under the commend of Lieut- Colonel H A Christmas, marched from the headquarters at Holly Hedge House, Blackheath on Wednesday evening to the barracks at Abbey Wood. Here, where they relieved the Scots Guards, they will remain for some few days, and subsequently will it is expected take up duties near the coast.
The battalion had on Saturday proceeded to Salisbury Plain for the annual training, and were at Perham Downs, which they reached on Sunday. During the night they received the order to return to headquarters, which were reached early in the morning and the men went back to their civilian dirties pending the expected order for mobilisation. This when it came on Tuesday evening, was promptly responded to. many of the men slept at headquarters that night, and at half past seven, with everything in order, the battalion set out as stated, being followed at midnight by details. The brigade officers expressed great satisfaction with their smartness, the performance having been the best in the brigade, and probably in the whole of London, the battalion being the first to move into its real area, where they have most responsible duties to perform.

Kentish Mercury 7 August 1914]

11 Apr 2014 13:41

[http://lewishamfww.wikidot.com/featured:12 Featured article #12: 4th Field Ambulance Royal Army Medical Corps

This Ambulance entrained at Woolwich on Sunday for camp on Salisbury Plain, but on reaching Wormwood Scrub they were ordered to returned to headquarters at Brookhill Road, Woolwich, where they mobilized on Tuesday evening, with Lieut- Colonel Greenway in command. They are now awaiting instructions to proceed to a war station.

Kentish Mercury 7 August 1914]

11 Apr 2014 13:13

[http://lewishamfww.wikidot.com/featured:11 Featured article #11: Debtors and the War

A number of judgement summonses were returnable at this Court [Greenwich], his Honour transferred them all to October, remarking that in the circumstances he could not make an order on them.

Kentish Mercury 7 August 1914]

11 Apr 2014 13:05

[http://lewishamfww.wikidot.com/featured:10 Featured article #10: Mobilization of the 5th Field Ambulance

The Ambulance left for camp on Salisbury Plain on Sunday morning, but shortly after they had entrained at Blackheath, orders for for further movement were cancelled, and consequently they returned to headquarters at Vanisttart House, Greenwich Road. On Tuesday evening, in accordance with orders, they mobilized under the command of Lieut - Colonel Dowsett at Ranger's Lodge, Blackheath, there being only 7 absentees. Here they have most comfortable quarters, and to relieve the monotony of waiting there are drills in the courtyard and lectures on mobilization duties. Although no definite instructions have been received from the War Office it is anticipated that the Ambulance will move to Maidstone in a day or two.

Kentish Mercury 7 August 1914]

11 Apr 2014 13:02

[http://lewishamfww.wikidot.com/featured:9 Featured article #9: The Thames Steamboats - Reported German Offer

It is stated by Mr A W Pickard, the managing director of the City Steamboat Company (Limited) that at about one o'clock on Wednesday he was asked whether the company would sell three of their steamboats, and he replied that they would sell three at £2,600 each, providing the sale was to non-belligerents. At Three o'clock he was informed that the steamers would be purchased and the money would be forthcoming about four, but before that hour he was told that the business was off, the reason given being the British Ultimatum to Germany. Not being satisfied he insisted upon further information, and then discovered that the prospective purchasers were acting for the Germans and the vessels were required to proceed to Emden. He added that if had he known that the Germans were to have been the buyers he would have refused to entertain any proposal from them.

Kentish Mercury 7 August 1914]

11 Apr 2014 12:44

[http://lewishamfww.wikidot.com/featured:8 Featured article #8: Lewisham Committee to be Formed

A Committee of which the President of the Local Government Board (Mr Robert Samuel) is Chairman has been constituted by the Government to advise on the measures necessary to deal with any distress that may arise and a national appeal for funds is about to be issued by the Prince of Wales. Steps are being taken to form committees in the various boroughs, urban districts and the counties and in connection with this it has already been decide that in Lewisham to form a strong and representative organisation, of which his Worship the Mayor (Alderman Robert Jackson JP) will be Chairman, to consider the needs of the locality and to control the distribution of such relief. Communications and contributions, should be addressed to the Mayor at the Town hall, Catford or donations maybe sent to the Editor of "The Kentish Mercury" at 6 - 14 Blackheath Road. Invitations to a meeting at the Town Hall will be issued in the Course of the Next Few Days.

Kentish Mercury 7 August 1914]

11 Apr 2014 12:33

[http://lewishamfww.wikidot.com/featured:7 Featured article #7: The Vicar of Deptford

No news has been received from or of the Vicar of Deptford (the Rev. Arthur Hart), who left with Mr G Russell Harris, his lay-curate for Spiez, Switzerland last Thursday night. A telegram was dispatched on Wednesday to the Hotel Spiezerhof, which the Vicar intended to make his headquarters, but no reply has come to hand, and consequently his many friends and parishioners are much concerned.

Kentish Mercury 7 August 1914]

11 Apr 2014 12:17

[http://lewishamfww.wikidot.com/featured:6 Featured article #6: Where is the Mayor of Lewisham!

The Mayor of Lewisham (Alderman Robert Jackson JP) who was accompanied by the Mayoress left town on July 22nd for the Continent and some anxiety is felt by his friends owing to the outbreak of war and the disconnection of the means of communication, no news had been received from up to yesterday. His worship is believed to be in Bohemia.

Kentish Mercury August 7 1914]

10 Apr 2014 11:15

[http://lewishamfww.wikidot.com/featured:5 Featured article #5: Anti-German Excitement at Deptford

An Incident which shows how inflammable is the temper of the populace beneath its apparent calm occurred in High Street Deptford on Wednesday afternoon. Some territorials were passing the shop of a German butcher in that thoroughfare and a man connected with that establishment, who was standing at the door, allowed his face to assume an expression which might have been regarded as contemptuous. An elderly Irishwoman took this view that it was a deliberate sneer and she promptly smacked the man's face and delivered herself of some candid observations regarding Germans in general and the object of her wrath in particular. The shop was soon surrounded by a crowd, who having just heard of the arrest of alleged German spies in London were in no gentle mood when they heard of what had happened. In consequence of the feeling displayed the proprietor closed his premises, the police remaining in the vicinity for some hours. The shop was not opened yesterday.

Kentish Mercury 7 August 1914]

10 Apr 2014 11:10

[http://lewishamfww.wikidot.com/featured:4 Featured article #4: United Calm Resolute

The storm of war which has involved almost the whole Continent of Europe has broken over these Islands and we are at grips with Germany. In this moment of supreme Peril in which our honour, our duty, our interests and freedom of the peoples of Europe are at stake, the nation has the incalculable and happy advantage of unity. As Mr Bonar Law said in the characteristically forcible speech in which he pledged to the Government the support of the Unionist Party in whatever steps Mr Asquith and his colleagues in the Ministry may think it necessary to take.

At midnight on Tuesday we were at war with German Empire and already the fleets of the two nations have met and valuable lives and costly material have been sacrificed.

Kentish Mercury 7 August 1914]

10 Apr 2014 10:21

[http://lewishamfww.wikidot.com/featured:3 Featured article #3: Sir Edward Coates MP Speech

As War was declared Sir Edward Coates MP for Lewisham made a speech at the 18th Annual Lewisham Horse Show on Monday 3rd August 1914, on the European Situation. dark clouds were hovering over the nation that stood on the brink of an unfathomable abyss. They did not know what the next few hours or days would bring forth, as Armies of millions of men were on the move. They could almost here them as they marched towards each other on the continent of Europe and into the entrance of the "valley of the shadow of death". Great Britain did not know if it would be joining them in the next few hours or days.

Kentish Mercury 7 August 1914]

10 Apr 2014 10:10

[http://lewishamfww.wikidot.com/featured:2 Featured article #2: HARRINGTON, H Military Tribunal

HARRINGTON, H. 5 Abernethy Road, Lee, Christadelphian, he explained that the belief originated in America during the civil war and its members were against all forms of military service. When granted a NON-COMBATANT CERTIFICATE asked could he appeal and was told he could.

Lewisham Borough News March 3 1916]

25 Feb 2014 12:17
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