Deptford Conscientious Objectors

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ALBROW, HENRY RIVETT, 21 Aspinall Road, Brockley
BRETT, JOSEPH, 6, Ffinch Street, Deptford
BYNGHAM, HENRY JOHN, 33 Harcourt Road, Brockley
COTTERILL, HENRY FRANK, Hugheden House, Casella Road, New Cross
COTTERILL, LESLIE GORDON, Hugheden House, Casella Road, New Cross
DAWES, N.D, 14 New Cross Road, New Cross
DURSTON, EDWARD (Also L.S.E) 7 Shardloes Road, New Cross
FLEMMING, WILLIAM HERBERT, 280 Tresillian Road, Brockley
FRAYLING, WALTER RUSSELL, 24 Wellbottom Road, Brockley
GRIFFITHS, ALEXANDER, 30 Musgrove Road, New Cross
GRIMMER, William H. 8 Wrigglesworth Street, New Cross
KING, WILFRED GEORGE, 300 Evelyn Street Deptford
KING, WILLIAM, 39 Tyrwhitt Road, Brockley
KNIBBS, WILLIAM ROBERT, 16 Milton Court Road, New Cross
LARDENT, JOSEPH CHARLES, 342 New Cross Road, New Cross
MILTON, ARTHUR FREDERICK, 24 Kitto Road, New Cross
MILTON, Francis Thomas, 24 Kitto Road, New Cross
MILTON, HERBERT EDWARD, 24 Kitto Road, New Cross
MORGAN, SIDNEY LEONARD, 6 Kitto Road, New Cross
RUTT, DAVID THOMAS STANLEY, 3 Kneller Road, Brockley
STONE, MAXWELL KAY, 10 St. James, New Cross
TURNER, SYDNEY ROBERT, 98 Drakfell Road, New Cross
WATT, ROBERT McGARVIE, 3 St Margaret's Road, Brockley
WIGNER, John Gurner, 92 Tyrwhitt Road, St. Johns, Brockley
WILLIS, DUNCAN AMBROSE, 43 Camplin Street, New Cross

Primary Source: Cyril Pearce (University of Leeds), The Pearce Register of British Conscientious Objectors

Ann O'Brien, Volunteer at Lewisham Local History and Archives Centre, April 2014, Revised March 2015.

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