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March 3 1916

HARRINGTON, H. 5 Abernethy Road, Lee, Christadelphian, he explained that the belief originated in America during the civil war and its members were against all forms of military service. When granted a NON-COMBATANT CERTIFICATE asked could he appeal and was told he could.

March 10 1916

ALLSOPP, MARK 36 Caterham Road, Lewisham requested on grounds both of conscience, business and financial hardship. Said he did not belong to any religious community or non-sectarian body. REFUSED

ATKINS, BERTRAM 9 Park Road, Forest Hill, umbrella maker. As a Brethern said he was willing to do anything of a non-combatant nature. Alderman Jackson informed him that the Plymouth Brethern were established by Anglo-Indian officers. N-C CERT

CURL, BURNBULL WILLIAM Service Clerk, Plymouth Brother “Derbyite“, granted a N-C C

WALLIS C.S Nelgarde Road, Catford. Esperantist for three years. REFUSED

WHITE, W Stanstead Road, Catford. Humanist, no religion, though he believed in God. REFUSED

March 17 1916

ARMSTRONG, R.E 25 Wynell Rd, Forest Hill bank clerk, when MST told him that at work he filled up applications for war loans, said he did so as a civil servant and not under military law and that he "only owns allegiance to heavenly king" He refused to accept a N-C CERT therefore, application REFUSED

BICK, R.C. Blessington Rd, Lee LCC school teacher, belonged to no denomination said he would object to a N-C C and was REFUSED

BIELNBERG H. Berlin Road Catford, Father born in Schleswig Holsteing, cousins in German army said "human life is sacred to me … war is legalised murder and does not absolve any individuals conscience from the consequence of his own acts". "I would be aiding and abetting in … and taking lives of my relatives" MST said it was generously giving him a N-C CERT. Would appeal

CARRICK H.J 33 Thurston Road Lewisham Socialist Sunday School Teacher, REFUSED

COOPER, W.J 43 Algernon Road, Lewisham, Merchant's Clerk, C of E, but had not attended any church since start of war as could not reconcile his conscience with attitude of church towards the war. REFUSED will appeal.

HARLEY, E.W 26 Ladywell Park a clerk - under the heading "Dramatic Internationalist" reported an outburst of applause in the gallery after the Tribunal had REFUSED his request as an internationalist who, he argued according to the act was entitled to absolute exemption. He said "the Tribunal could Russanise their bodies, but could not Russanise their souls and left immediately and before MST chair called for order or he would clear the gallery.

LAKE, C.E 45 St Fillans Road, Catford requested absolute certificate as "he had received a call and ever since had heard, accepted and resolved to obey this call. N-C-CERT

LALLER, I.D 30 Sunninghill Road Baptist REFUSED

MARRABLE, L.R Manwood Rd. Brockley, said faith identical with the Christadelphians of which body he hoped soon to be a member. He would not be part and parcel of any military system. When MST pointed out he was the chief clerk working for a firm making aeroplanes, he replied not in my section. REFUSED a N-C C.

RIDER, from Lee a Butcher "thou shall not kill", MST "don't you mean thou shall not do any murder?" and appeared to fluster him. REFUSED said he would Appeal.

ROE, Church Socialist League, offered N-C C, refused it, therefore application REFUSED.

SPEER Secretary, Lower Sydenham Young Peoples Mission, Asst. Superintendent of Sunday School Mayow Road Hall, personal and conscientious grounds. N-C CERT

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