Green, Henry James


13 Stanton Street

He was 38 in 1916, was married with 4 children and worked as a shorthand typist.

In all probability he was a Plymouth Brethren with conscientious objections to active service. Henry had married Clara Burge in 1908 at the Gospel Hall, Longley Road, Tooting and his wife’s family confirm that she had been brought up a member of the Brethren.

War Service:
Henry attested on 8 December, 1915, perhaps believing that his conscientious objection would be recognised when called up. On 12 September, 1916 he was enlisted in the 8 Eastern company of the Non-combatant Corps

Conscientious Objection during the First World War:
On 19 January 1917 he disobeyed orders in Lewis was court martialled and was sentenced to six months with hard labour to be served in prison. Unfortunately his military record cannot be accessed for detail of why he disobeyed, but it is likely he was asked to do some work that he considered actively aided the war effort and was against his conscience. He was admitted to Wormwood Scrubs on 1 February, while there, and with war office authority to consider his case, the Central Military Service Tribunal found Henry to be a genuine conscientious objector, class A. On 17 April 1917 he was transferred to the Army Reserve Class W and sent to a Home Office Scheme work camp.

He was demobbed on 31 March, 1920, one of the last of Lewisham's conscientious objectors to be released from service.

After the First World War:
In later life Henry and Clara lived in Mitcham,

Cyril Pearce, University of Leeds, Pearce Register of British Conscientious Objectors
Chris Burge a cousin of Henry's wife's family

Ann O'Brien, Volunteer Lewisham Local History and Archives Centre

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