Harrington, H.


Mr Harrington lived at 5 Abernethy Road, Lee and was a Christadelphian.

Conscientious Objection during the First World War:
The Lewisham Borough News of 3 March, 1916 reported his appearance before the Lewisham Military Service Tribunal. He was said to have explained that Chritsadelphian beliefs originated in America during the civil war and that its members were against all forms of military service. When he was granted a Non-Combatant Certificate he asked could he appeal and was told he could.

War Service:
His appeal was successful and he was exempted under the terms of 'work of national importance' scheme to work on the farm of a Mr. Perry of Southend Village, Catford.

There is a report in the Borough News July 7, 1916, under the sub-heading "Farm Work for Conscientious Objector" where Mr. Harrington is mentioned. The farmer, Mr. Perry, who was said to farm 100 acres and to have 3 cows, appeared before the Lewisham Tribunal hoping to retain the services of his son William Perry, who was married with one child. The outcome of his son's appeal is not known.

After the First World War:

Lewisham Borough News of 3 March, 1916
Lewisham Borough News of 7 July, 1916

Ann O'Brien, Volunteer Lewisham Local History and Archives Centre

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