Winter, Stanley Gordon

He was aged 20 in 1916

39 Hazelbank Road, Catford

At the time of his Military Service Tribunal Stanley Gordon was single and worked as an electrician and clerk. His brother William Ernest who lived at the same address was also a conscientious objector.

Conscientious Objection during the First World War:
The brothers' appearance before the Military Service Tribunal was reported in the Lewisham Borough News on March 10, 1916 and also in The Kentish Mercury under the sub heading Brothers' Quaint Objections. They both said they were Presbyterians, attending the Presbyterian Church in Birkhall Road.

Stanley told the tribunal that from his belief in the Bible he held warfare to be neither right nor just and believed in the commandment "Thou shalt not kill". The Chairman, Mr. Mead, responded "That means murder there, you are not a vegetarian, are you?. I suppose you have learned the Catechism which says Thou shalt do no murder". Quite why Mr. Mead thought that one had to be a vegetarian to argue against the concept of a "just war" is not elaborated on, but Stanley's reply was to say "The Bible says Thou shalt not kill. His claim was disallowed and he gave notice of appeal.

War Service:
Stanley Gordon was conscripted into the Non-Combatant Corps 4 Eastern Company on 25 May, 1916.

After the First World War:

Cyril Pearce, University of Leeds, Pearce Register of British Conscientious Objectors
Lewisham Borough News March 10, 1916
Kenish Mercury March 7, 1916

Ann O'Brien, Volunteer at Lewisham Local History and Archives Centre, May 2014.

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